Shopping at Mary's is a garden adventure!

We are primarily a wholesale business that is also open to retail customers. Shopping at Mary's is self-service. This keeps our costs down, in turn keeping prices down for our customers. We will direct you to the greenhouse(s) that contain the plant material you are looking for and provide a map giving an overview of our operation. If you need assistance, we will pull the plants for you if you provide us a list of the plants you desire by fax or email 72 hours (3 days) prior to your anticipated visit. This allows us time to work the order into our pulling schedule. Lengthy orders are difficult to take by phone and there is more opportunity for error. Therefore, they are discouraged. For many customers, shopping at Mary's is a garden adventure in searching, spotting, and choosing varieties to grow from a gigantic collection of plants.

We have pushcarts, wagons, and baskets to use while shopping. These are located near the sales office. Please bring your merchandise to the sales office for check out. If you need assistance getting your plants up front, please ask and we will be happy to help. Most of our plant material is susceptible to windburn and may crush easily. Tarping is strongly recommended when placing items for travel in an open area (truck bed, open trailer).

Wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes. We have several greenhouses spread over a wide area; in order to see everything, you will need to do a considerable amount of walking in graveled greenhouses and driveways. Bring water and snacks with you. Many of our customers stay several hours. Your visit can be more enjoyable if you plan to take a break. Some of our regular customers bring their lunch. We also offer a variety of snacks, water, cold drinks, etc. for sale at the front office. We have several greenhouses that are propagation areas and restricted to employees only. None of the plants contained in these houses are for sale. We also may have restricted areas in other houses that will be marked by signs, strings, etc. If you are interested in something in a restricted area, please ask one of our sales staff for assistance.